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Allianz Personal Accident Insurance

Don’t fall! Are you sure that you are covered against a bad accident? Protect yourself and your family from personal accidents.

Allianz protects you against the consequences of personal accidents.
Each year, around 11 million people are involved in personal accidents in France. Children, youngsters and seniors are the most at risk. A bad fall, a burn, a bike accident, a traffic accident as a pedestrian, a dog bite etc. The examples are unfortunately all too frequent.

Personal accidents with occasionally heavy consequences.
We do not always fully consider the potential consequences before an accident occurs: difficulty of continuing a professional activity to the same degree, long-term suffering, inability to complete some everyday life activities by yourself, disrupted family life…

We can quickly compensate you for the consequences of personal accidents for the consequences caused due to a personal accident even when you are the sole liable party.

You can choose from two different policies:
- Solo package
- Family package

Simple enrolment: no medical questionnaire needed and it is available for everyone up to the age of 67 years old.
Instant cover: in France and in all EU countries (and worldwide trips for long lasting less than three consecutive months)
Fast compensation: claim payments as soon as disability is recorded before any determination of liability or appeal proceedings.

You can choose the level of cover which is best suited to your needs:
- compensation 25% disability (example: loss of a hand, an arm, an eye etc).
- compensation 5% disability (example: loss of a thumb, paralysis of one side of the face, twisted knee etc).

You can benefit from a daily assistance regardless of the package selected. We have a partnership with Mondial Assistance who is at your service when the accident occurs and afterwards.

If you practice any dangerous sports (competitive or recreational underwater, airborne or mechanical), you can still be covered by paying a higher premium.

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I have lost my carte grise !

Do not panic. Losing an important document can be stressful especially when you do not know what needs to be done. If you should ever lose your carte grise, here is the process on getting a replacement.

I- Go to your office for a statement perte

· Étape number 1:
Immediately contact your local police station to report the loss of your carte grise.
To save time, you can download the declaration of loss of a carte grise online (Cerfa No. 13753 * 01). You can file this form within your police station. will be issued a receipt valid two parts a month. The first part allows you to travel during the validity period. Keep the second part, you will be called later.

II- Introduce yourself in the prefecture for a preliminary duplicata

· Étape number 2:
Present yourself directly prefecture or sous-prefecture at the vehicle registration department and apply for a duplicate of the logbook of your vehicle. This request must be made within one month of the declaration of loss of the carte grise.

But what are the documents required? Let it be said, there is nothing worse than forgetting a document in this kind of situation:

- 30 euros is the average amount of tax due (it remains variable across different regions)
- bring your ID (passport, identity card…) and your number 2 loss statement issued by the police
- bring your filled in request for a duplicate carte grise (Cerfa No. 10799 * 02);
- proof of an MOT (contrôle téchnique) valid if the vehicle is over 4 years old.

Note: you should be able to receive your new duplicate in any sous-prefecture of the department in your area.

Once issued, your duplicate will be valid for the rest of the time that you keep the car.


Becoming a French citizen

Did you know that France is the second largest country in Europe, and the fourth most populated country in Europe with over 60 million people

We all love France, which is one of the main reasons why a lot of people move over to the country. You might be of British, American, South African nationality, but have you ever thought of maybe taking a French citizenship?

A citizen of France is entitled to permanently live in France, work in France, vote in France and have access to public benefits offered by the French government. French citizenship may be acquired in several ways.

You can apply by naturalisation:
· You must be 18 years old or over.
· You must have lived for at least five years continuous in France. This applies to all European Union citizens who do not require a residency permit prior to arriving in France.
· For those who are not citizens of the European Union, European Economic Area or citizens of Switzerland need a residence permit (carte de séjour) to enter France and begin the five year waiting process. It can be quite complex obtaining a residence permit and involves a lot of paperwork!

There are however exceptions to the five year rule or residency requirements.
· If you have been living here for at least two years and have a degree from a French university, the waiting time is reduced from five years to two years.
· If you have rendered exceptional service to France. No pre-existing residency is required.
· If you have served in the French army including the French Foreign Legion. No pre-existing residency is required.
· If you are the spouse or child of someone who is acquiring French citizenship. No pre-existing residency is required.· If you are a citizen of a Francophone country where French is the one of the official languages. Residency requirement may be waived.· If you have a refugee status. No pre-existing residency is required.
You can apply via parentage:
If a child is born abroad, French citizenship can be obtained by descent if at least one of the parents is a citizen of France.

You can apply via marriage:
A non-French and non-EU citizen may obtain French citizenship by marriage. If a foreign person living in France has been married to a French citizen for at least four years, and have both lived in France for at least a year without interruption, citizenship can be acquired for the non-French spouse.

Once you have figured out the path you need to take to apply for citizenship, you need to submit the relevant documents to the appropriate government department. Here is a list of the following documents that you will need:
· Birth certificate, passport
· Proof of legal residence in France (ex: carte de séjour)
· Proof of location of habitat in France (ex: address)
· If you are married to a French citizen, proof of marriage (ex: marriage certificate)
· Proof of adequate knowledge of the French language
· Any other documents requested

Be aware of what it means to be a French citizen, as well as a thorough understanding of the culture, society, and language of France.

Requirements may differ to all of the above depending on your situation. Every application will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Application for French citizenship is a complex matter and involves a lot of red tape. Be prepared for many forms, regulations and pre-exisiting requirements!

Ensure at all times that forms are properly filled in and that all requested documents provided will allow you a faster and more streamlined process.


"Constat amiable d'accident"

What is it ?It is a form that your insurance company will give you. The form must be filled in if you have an accident with your car. Always carry one in your car, just in case! It is an agreed statement of facts between both those who were involved in the accident. It can save memory lapses or changing facts later on and can avoid a lot of stress.

Basic rules:· Fill in the constat amiable at the scene of the accident. In this case, there is little risk of something being forgotten.
· The constat is only valid when both parties have signed it. A signature confirms the accuracy of the circumstances of the accident.
· On the constat there are two colonnes (A and B). Each driver must fill in one colonne.
· You should send your constat to your insurance company in the 5 following days after the accident.

You must never sign a constat amiable unless you are sure that you fully understand.

Never let the over person fill in your part of the form.

As there is a carbon copy, only one constat is necessary for two cars or less, and should be send to their insurance company.

If more than two cars are involved, each party should fill in a separate form.

List all the damage that you can see, and add “reserves sur les dégâts non apparents” to cover damage which may be discovered later.

Try to take some photos. Note down names and details of any eye witnesses.


Allianz, a team who wins even in Football !

Bayern Munich is the most successful club in the history of German football. They have won a record of 24 national titles and 16 national cups. Regarding the UEFA Champions League/ European cup, Bayern Munich have won 5 times: 1974, 1975, 1976, 2001 and last year in 2013.

On the 23rd of April they will be playing Real Madrid in the Semi-Final. The press are calling it "the clash of the titans".

The reason why we love the Bayern Munich so much is because since 2005-2006, they have called the Allianz Arena their home.

We hope that Bayern Munich win the Semi-Final and go on to win the Final!


Protect your house from burglary

In 2012, 359 500 burglaries took place in France. It is difficult to completely protect your house, but some precautions can limit the risks.

Make thieves lives complicated!

Statistics in 2012 from the ONDRP speak for themselves: a burglar will give up after 5 minutes of many failed attempts of trying to break in. This means that anything that can slow them down, can help you avoid from becoming a victim.

Always lock the doors when you go out of the house.

Install a security lock (multipoint lock), and an anti-clamp bracket on your front door. It will prevent a burglar from forcing the door with a crowbar. 80% of burglars simply break in by the door... You might want to think about installing a stronger door than the one you have today.

Do not leave a window ajar in your absence. Close the blinds on windows that are not visible from the street. If you are away for a long time, remember to close all the shutters.

You can put bars across windows which do not have shutters (such as; small bathroom windows, basement windows etc...)

An alarm can be installed in your house. 95% of burglars fled when a house alarm went off: this may be a solution to consider if your house is secluded.

Do not tell people that you are away from the house. Except people that you can trust!

Contrary to popular belief, according to ONDRP, around 80% of burglaries occur during the day.

Do not mention that you are going on holiday on social network sites (Facebook, blog, twitter...) or your answering machine.

When you do plan on going away for several days, always tell your neighbors or the guardian of your building. Ask someone who you trust to empty your mailbox every day.

Are you going away for a long time? Why not ask your friends or family to house sit.


Joke - Breathalyzer test

This is based on a true story.
Breathalyzer test

Only us Brits will understand...

- Have you been drinking?
- Yes. This morning it was my daughters wedding today and seeing as I do not like going to church, I went to a bar and had a few beers. Then during the banquet, I wiped out 3 good bottles of wine, one was Corbières, one was Minervois and the other was Faugères. Finally, during the evening I had two bottles of Johnny Walker black label Whisky.
The gendarme a little irritated asked him:
- Do you understand that I am a policeman and I have stopped you for a breathalyzer test?
The British man then replied to him:
- And do you know that this car is an English car and it is my wife who is driving!


Advice to avoid falling asleep at the wheel

Often overlooked, fatigue is one of the main causes of accidents on the road. The danger is real: 1 out of 3 fatal accidents is associated with somnolence according to la Sécurité Routière.

How I can tell if I'm tired?
Do you have itchy eyes? Are you Staring? Heavy eyelids? Your neck is numb? If you recognize yourself in any of these situations, it is time to stop! To prevent fatigue happening, it is advised to take a break every 2 hours during a long journey.

Always take precautions!
Drowsiness may be due to lack of sleep. Be sure to sleep at least seven hours per night to recover and avoid taking the road when you are sleep deprived.

Here are some tips to stop the chance of you falling asleep at the wheel:
• Take a break at least every 2 hours.
• Keep an eye on the speed limit: excessive speed tends to make you more tired because it forces the brain to process more information in less time. Your vision must constantly adapt.
• Verify that the medications that you are taking are compatible with the driving.Some medicines may cause drowsiness. Check the icon is displayed on the boxes. Always remember to read the instructions before getting behind the wheel!


Valérie Roger - SOSANGLO

Do you often get stressed and confused each time you have to deal with the administration in France? Or do not really understand the French language and are in need of a translator?

Valérie Roger is the woman to help you!

Based in the Mayenne department, Valérie runs her own business called SOSANGLO offering assistance to the English speaking community. She mainly works in the areas of 53, 61, 50, 35, 49, 72, 85 and 14 but she can also travel anywhere in France. Day after day, she tries to solve problems, arrange solutions and make life easier for expacts. She is very reliable and efficient. She has and continues to help many people by solving all sorts of issues which they found too complicated to solve on their own.

“ No job is too big or small. I enjoy the challenge of cutting through the red tape and finding the most satisfactory outcome for each of my clients”.

She can help you deal with : EDF, water, electricity, gas, wood, secretarial work, translations/interpreting, phones, internet connections, key holding, changeover, caretaking, routine check and mail forwarding, bank, insurance, schools, finding English speaking tradesmen, doctors, computer installation or repairs, car registration, CPAM inscription, build or renovation’s authorizations, planning permission, gardening or property maintenance, sourcing and deal with French artisans for renovations, notaires, administrative contacts… The list goes on and on !

If you would be interested in her services, do not hesitate to get in touch with her.
Tel: 09 71 42 90 51
Mob: 06 67 53 64 47


Chorus Guichet - Life Insurance starting from 3€ a month!

Everybody wants to protect their family what ever should happen during the course of life. At Allianz we have a special type of life insurance called “Chorus Guichet”.

In order to apply for this type of contract, you have to be between 18 and 45 years old. You can choose from a payment of 15 000€ to 60 000€ depending on your needs. Like many of our contracts, there is the possibility of easy payment using direct debit. There are no complicated forms to fill in, just a simple health declaration is necessary.

Our policy starts from between 3€ to 12€ a month, depending on your age.

If you would like to get your own personnel quotation or have any questions about how the insurance works, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by phone, e-mail, facebook message or visit us at the agency.

Tel: 02 43 05 21 82


Fid' Allianz

At Allianz, we appreciate our clients loyalty with us. Have you heard of "Fid' Allianz" by any chance? It is our loyalty program where we give back to you.

There are three different categories; Préférence, Privilège and Prestige. Your status depends on how long you have been with us and the kind of contracts that you have. It is rechecked every month. If you have a new policy or ..., your status can change which means that you will be able to benefit from more avantages and services!

As soon as you sign up to Fid' Allianz, you benefit from a reward system corresponding to your needs.

The differents statuts:

Allianz Préférence
You become an Allianz Préférence when you sign your 1st contract with us. You are able to benefit from your 1st avantages.

Allianz Privilège
In order to apply for this, you need to have 3 different types of contracts. With this status, you can benefit from more avantages.

Allianz Prestige
You become Prestige when you have several contracts. You can benefit from the best of Fid' Allianz.

Fid' Allianz is free. If you wish to become a member of this loyalty program, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at the branch.


Valentine's Insurance in Japan

Today is Valentine's Day, a day to celebrate love.

Valentine's Day is celebrated all over the world. Each country has their way of celebrating the 14th of Febuary. In Japan, it is traditionnal for the women to give presents to men which are usually in the form of chocolate. This can often mean a day of unease and loneliness for many men who wait to see if they will receive a Valentine's gift.

The japenese have invented something that provents the pain of not receiving anything on Valentine's Day: Valentine's Insurance.

The idea is that the policyholder will receive a nice box of chocolates and a personal message from a beautiful lady. The insurance eliminates the embarassement from not getting a present on Valentine's. There is a price though of 500¥ which is around 3.60€.


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